Building life-giving relationship with like minded people

What is LLF? What Does LLF offer? Who are you? Does it cost anything

LifeLink Fellowship is a cooperative fellowship of like-minded individuals and churches that have joined together in a loose knit association for the advancement of the Kingdom.

We are a faith based organization that is committed to and dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God by building life giving relationships with Ministers and Churches.


  • Mentoring
  • Fellowship
  • Ministry Ideas
  • Prayer Support
  • Sounding Board
  • Problem Solving
  • Connections
  • Training
  • Insight

We consist of five board members that are also Ministers themselves and are the ones that mentor anyone that so desires.

They are also the ones that help you walk through difficult situations and more as is need by you.

Combined they have well over 100 years of ministry experience all at your disposal.

Yes. The cost is $200.00 annually. This includes the resources, administrative cost associated with the fellowship, any of our fellowship sponsored conferences, monthly newsletter, website cost, mentoring, personal and ministry support.
What does the mentoring involve? Are the resources free? Who does the monthly newsletter? Are the conferences free?

Each mentoring is on an individual basis and what, when and how will be dictated by the people involved and what is needed.


All resources posted on the website are free and can be used and adapted as you see fit for the advancement of the Kingdom.

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The board members together determine the content of the monthly newsletter. Depending on the subject or theme one board member may contribute more that the others for that month but all will have input.

All offical LLF sponsored events and conference are unless other wise indicated.

From time to time you may receive corrspondence from us about other conferences that we think would be beneifical for you and/or your ministry staff to attend but all cost for those will be incurred by you.

How do you do the missions program? Are the regular meetings?
Coming Soon

No. We will have meetings but those will be posted here on the website or you will receive correspondence informing you the date, time and place.


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