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Death by love. What a statement. Yet that’s exactely what Jesus did. It was His love for you and I that sent Him to the cross and the grave but it was also His love that conquered death. Even though death brought destruction to our relationship with God, birthed sin in the human race and eventually would take our life His love won. Death was defeated, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Pastor Allen fervently tells of three ways death had temporary victory but shows how Love always wins and testimonies of how Jesus set the captives free.
“Revival will cost you everything,” declares guest speaker Carey Robertson. “And true revival rest squarely on the shoulders of His church.” It’s not up to the pastor, the worship leader, church staff or anyone else but the church. Pastor Robertson draws from 55 years of experience as a minister and from 5 years as a minister in the Brownsville Revival at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. Roberston also voices how he has been “ruined” and must live to see true revival again. We’ve seen for far too long what man can do, let’s see what God can do. Addicted to revival is one addiction that there is no cure for.
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